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    First.started with AndroidRepublic.And Got Bored and not found the desired mods.Started searching new sites and found Amods from android_mod channel. Love this comunity <3

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  1. Happy Birthday ChrisModZ!


  2. Game: Asphalt 9 Version: 1.5.4a Root: No OBB: Yes (Google Play) It might not work on 9.0 Root isnt needed Feautures: • Speed Hack (the car is much faster) • Ghost Mode Always On (you wtill die when you get hit by walls, but you can pass through cars).Check with a friend or a member of the race club and they will be fine. • No AI in racing competitions • No AI in career mode • Unlimited nitro (when you drift a bit, the nitrometer will be completely full) • Drift radius cracked (more control over the car while you drift) Mod: [Hidden Content] Obb needs to be froom google play! Or you will get license error. Enjoy :,)
  3. Game: Critical Ops Version: 1.2.1f369 Mods: Aimlock [60%] No Server issues [Reset data or redownload if it happens] Crosshair On Snipers and Kinfes [TAKEN FROM R.HMODS] Firerate [x2 faster] Antiban [If you still get banned delete data] No Recoil See while your Flashbanged. Shotgun range buffed as an Ak-47 Speed x2 Tutoriall Skipped Hitbox on head FPS BOOST Hitmarkers are biggger [35%] Downloads: Modded Apk: [Hidden Content] Obb: [Hidden Content] If server issues happen here is how to fix it: Gameplay :
  4. Root: NOPE Ver:0.13.12 I WORKED ON THIS FOR AN MONTH So Some likes will be apreciated :3 MOD Feautures Basic: Infinite Cons Infinite Power,Water,Food, NukaCola Op mods -Infinite launchboxes: Mr.handy,standard,StarterPack Etc. Many other fun Mods NOTICE: I COULDNT UPDATE FROM 0.13.12 SO IF YOU HAVE THE NEWEST VERSION PLEASE DELETE IT OR THE SAVE EDITOR WONT WORK! Zip with apk and obb(Google Play Works): [Hidden Content] Save Editor: [Hidden Content] Made By ChrisModZ
  5. Feautures -Some maps completed -50000 Gems -300k coins -Online Works Acc: Pass: 02217782 (i can see who changes pass) How To Get Acc: 1-after u download game u have two options : New Player and a go! button Dont press go! The second option is if you alreafy played game before and theere is a button press it 2.after u pressed write email and pass Then wait for a message to pop up and say that we found ur save data press ok and enjoy hack on ios and android Download from google play or appstore! Sorry For inactivity i was in camping with no net
  6. Dont have time to change img srry;-; Mods: -Every lvl completes just view and exit -anticheat bypass(wont kick u out) -mod menu(Coming soon) Mod: [Hidden Content] Dash 1 sec complete mod.apk
  7. KsvTech donsent want to collab with ne anymore ao i made my mods (took 2 days to make 😔😤) Root: No Obb: Yes Feautures: No Color- Works Red- Deleted to not kill the Game Blue-Unsatble may cauaing ban by abusing it - BATTER AIM - Damage 50% - Aimbot (Distance 100 meters) - Running Speed 15% - No Fall Damage - Damage Points 350 - Auto Bhooyah - Auto Headshot - Auto Enemy Locker - Auto Short Wall -Antiban V2 - Auto Aim(May not work with snipers) - Aim AutoLock on enemies(May not work with snipers) - High AimAssist - No Recoil - No Spread - Fog Removed - Tree Reduced - Grass radius reduced to 10 feet - Trigger Hacks - Cheat Detection Removed - Dying sound bypassed - Lag Fixed - Facebook login (DELETE FACEBOOK APP) - No Root - Inf Ammo - Fire Rate Apk- [Hidden Content] Obb- [Hidden Content]
  8. Hope u undestand that my game never syncs or only sync me to lvl2 my acc is broken thats all i say.
  9. No it wont bc you kinda break the sync system by forving tge accc to have (amount) of gems.So sorry.
  10. Hey! There is an updated version! Check out my profile!
  11. If you do smh wrong you will mess up everything! -Feautures -Vpn Allowed if it says account blocked! -Skin Hack(NEW!) -Unlimited coins -Sync data bypassed -Antiban -Lv 33 -Online Bypassed (Fixed) -120fps bypass (Only for 120hz Phone (example: razer phone) -Gadgets buffed 5% -Campaing Finished -Fps fixed -Removed Guns (NEW!) -SYNC BYPASS on update 12.1.1 -Jump Higher 5% Downloads: 5.1.0(Skin Hack): [Hidden Content] 10.0.4(Developer): [Hidden Content] 10.2.5: [Hidden Content] 12.1.1: [Hidden Content] 15.0.0 [Hidden Content] tutorial:i