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  1. Mod Menu info: - God Mode - Super Jump - God Gun - Unlimited Ammo - Giant Body - Unlimited All (Money,Gems,Exp) - Normal Body - Normal Health Credits: Tiahh VCS Mod Menu By Tiahh.apk
  2. Mod Menu Info: - God Mode - Super Speed - Unlimited Ammo - Start Animation (20 sec) - Code 99 (Stop Animation) - More! LAC Mod Menu By Tiahh[UPDATED].apk
  3. Mod Menu Info: - God Mode - Super Speed - Super Gun V.1 - Super Gun V.2 - Unlimited GEMS/GOLD - Unlimited Coins/Cash - Unlimited Exp(BUGGY) Credits: Tiahh and TheArmKing Combat Assault Mod Menu By Tiahh[UPDATED].apk