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  1. Name: Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival Version: 1.9.1b(109010166) Root: No Mod: – Item Duplication (Split an Item to get more) – Free Crafting (Craft without required items) – Free Building (Build without required items) – No Building Requirements – Free Upgrading (Upgrade without required items) – Infinite Weapon Durability – Infinite Armor Durability – Unlimited Coins (Spend coins to increase) – Unlimited Skill Points (Use skill to increase) – Unlimited Energy (Buy with coins) Install Steps: Download Install Credits: vera Playstore Link: Google Playstore Download Link: MOD APK Mirror Mirror Download Link: (root yes) Lib Mirror Mirror Mod: 2 by komodias + free craft; + Free purchases in the store for any balance of account tayler; + unlimited craft and building materials. + duplication of objects by splitting; + maximum durability; + instant assembly of objects without the use of resources and components; + absolute immortality; (NEW!!) + unlimited damage. (NEW!!) Install Steps: This modification is made according to the new technology configuration changes. Now the user can enable (disable) options in the modification for immortality and unlimited damage. Spoiler: How to enable (disable) modification options Information for reference: # Modification test! To hot check. The modification is supported by the emulator MEmu! NOX and BlueStacks must be tested. The recommended minimum version of the operating system for installing the modification is Android 4.4 KitKat. How to enable (disable) modification options: 1. Open the configuration file with a text editor and set the activation keys I1..I2 c + to - and save. 2. If you set +, then the option of changes becomes active, and if -, then no. 3. You can collect any options for change options, for example, the key I1 +, and I2 in -. You have a free hand in the freedom of creativity. 4. If you do not set the change keys, the modification will be active due to immortality and limitless damage. 5. If you delete the file D3BE7915.cfg, it will launch a version of the "game" with a modification for immortality and unlimited damage. 6. All change keys are initially set to the active state. 7. After configuration, you need to copy the file D3BE7915.cfg to the folder: {storage} /Android/data/ 8. The configuration file is created in the directory under item 7 automatically upon restarting the application after installation. 9. Other modification options with the exception of immortality and unlimited damage are sewn into the game "tightly" without the possibility of change. Download Link: MOD - 2 APK Mirror Mirror Download Link:Root: Yes LIB Mirror Mirror Credits go to it's original maker.Enjoy [Hidden Content]